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photo by zoe prinds-flash

I began my love affair with film photography after taking it up as a hobby as an alternate creative outlet to my career as a professional musician and songwriter. I found that I had a natural knack for the art form and soon friends in Minneapolis, my then home, were asking me to take photos of their babies, at their weddings, of their workspaces, and beyond. Before I knew it, word of mouth had turned my hobby into something of a career.


Though I now do this work professionally, I still feel giddy every time I go out with my trusty Canon 35mm analog camera, which I've used since day one. I have the skill of a professional but the passion and joy of a hobbyist-- a winning combination. I now reside in beautiful Los Angeles, CA, where the landscape of Southern California inspires me daily. 

I pride myself in not only capturing images but being able to fully conceptualize and execute them from start to finish through art direction, styling, prop styling, and creative direction.

Contact me below, and let's make some magic together.

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